TrainingDENTIFYING AND TRAINING folk to become facilitators in Theophostic counselling is central to our work. The purpose is to equip people to fulfill our role in serving their communities. We also offer training in relationship dynamics, skills, and to successfully cope with life and its pressures.

The Theophostic training courses, as listed in our Events calendar, range from Basic, to Advanced I and Advanced II. This curricula is authored by American psychologist Ed Smith.

TP BasicTheophostic Course Material

The 2007 Edition of the Theophostic Prayer Ministry Basic Training Seminar Manual is a 380-page required supplement to the DVD (Video) and Audio Basic Training Seminar. Although viewing the set of two dvd series is a vital part of the training, this manual must be read in its entirety to complete basic training. Specially designed and formatted for small group study, the new manual covers many aspects and areas of the Theophostic process not covered in the Basic Seminar video presentation. This manual is included with the Video Basic Training Package. In order to fulfill the requirements for completing the Basic Training you must also view the seven (7) Live Ministry Demonstration DVDs.

The Basic Training Seminar is comprised of the following:

(1), the Basic Seminar Manual - a 350-page instructional guide to TPM;
(2), the Basic Seminar Video - 7 hours of instruction and demonstration of TPM.
(3), the Live Ministry Demonstration Training: Series One - 7 live training dvd's contains one
livesession along with Q&A following each session. These sessions provide a clear model for
what a TPM session should look like.

Note that credit for the training will only be granted to those who complete all requirments of the material.

Theophostic Course Content
The Basic Training Series includes the Seminar manual, the Basic Training Seminar on DVD, the optional Video Workbook, Basic Training Seminar Student Workbook, the Facilitator's Guide for leading a group through the training, Live Ministry Demonstration DVD Series 1, Live Ministry Demonstration Student Workbook and Healing Life's Hurts, a great introduction to Theophostic Prayer Ministry.

Both the Basic and two Advanced courses span over a number of weeks. The courses are also open to non-FTF members.

Please contact us today for more information, fees and registration.

Training Seminars



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