ProjectsINCE ITS INCEPTION, Family Transformation Facilitators has been wholly committed to reaching out to people. This impetus and Theophostic counselling has lead us into wide fields of evangelism and service in children's homes, local churches, the South of Johannesburg, South Africa, and in Mozambique and Far East.

Current Projects

  • Training to Churches / Organizations
    We offer our services (training / teams) to different type of ministries.

  • Consultation Camps: Facilitating / Counseling to Adults & Children Homes
    We offer our services to help all of those who are in need of emotional healing.

  • Outreach to Mozambique
    Each year we travel to various parts of Africa (Mozambique) to share Christ and establish local churches. We also use the donations we receive beforehand to help finance these students for Bible college, and to assist them with items such as bibles, fishing nets and water pumps.
    You may also follow our Mozambique schedule on our Events page.

    Project Gallery

    We invite you to browse our Project Gallery by expanding a folder and selecting a photograph in the directory tree below (click on the greater than (arrow) button).



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