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Meet Us
AMILY TRANSFORMATION FACILITATORS is a group of Christians from various denominational churches who share a common passion to be obedient to God, and to serve and love our neighbour.

The Vision
"FTF" is solemnly focused on emotional healing, restoring the family unit, which is the basis for all community life, to the way God intended it to function. Using the Theophostic Prayer Ministry† principles, we train and equip potential leaders to become facilitators in this process. And as an organization, we offer support in the form of security, love, acceptance and welfare.

In summary, our purpose is to provide the following:

  • training in Relationship Dynamics
  • skills training, to successfully cope with life and its pressures
  • trauma counselling
  • emotional healing
  • workshops
  • to act as a conduit for people and institutions that wish to grant or receive support from or by us

The Strategy
Our initial goal was to establish and present a facilitator's group in the southern parts of Johannesburg and in Ekhuruleni. The second was to help and present FTF to children's homes. We are currently involved with the Abraham Kriel and Maria Kloppers children's homes. The third and ongoing goal is to present FTF to local churches. We also identify and train people within the community to become leaders in this ministry, equipping them to take over from us and serve their areas. From there we move on to other districts, establishing a similar ministry.

The Response
We believe that the time has come for southern Johannesburg to break free from the bonds of abuse, poverty and unhappiness. We believe it is God's desire to uplift people in these areas in a most miraculous way. And it begins just with a willingness to take up the challenge!


† Theophostic Prayer Ministry - alias, "TPM" - was established by American Psychologist Ed Smith. The term "Theophostic" is derived from two Greek words: "Theo," meaning God, and "phos" or, "phoster," which is light or illumination. TPM functions as a three-way conversation, where the client shares his problems with a facilitator. The facilitator then presents the problem to the Lord, Who discloses to the client what He sees fit to reveal. The client again shares with the facilitator, and the process is repeated until the lies are exposed and total peace is received in respect of the memories that have surfaced.

For a more detailed explanation on the Theophostic Prayer Ministry and its process, please see our article, "What is Theophostic Prayer Ministry?"Hands



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